Service Directory

“At The University of Mississippi, we have the opportunity and responsibility to move beyond the transformation of individual lives. We must purposefully participate in transforming our community, state, nation, and world.”
—Dr. Daniel W. Jones, Former Chancellor

In preparation for the inauguration of Chancellor Dan Jones, the UM community took the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which its members transform the lives of others through service. To showcase this important aspect of our mission, IT created this service directory. It is a place where our campus community can showcase the important ways in which we serve our community, nation, and world and where people can come to find opportunities to become involved. Many of these activities are hosted by people at the University. Other activities are sponsored by external entities and members of our community participate by volunteering.

View service projects by geographic region.

Click the circles to zoom the map one level down, splitting the clusters into two or more smaller clusters for the geographical area. Continue clicking the circle until no clusters can be formed in order to view all the markers that are a part of the actual cluster in the localized area. (Circle color reflects the number of markers: Blue, 1-9; Yellow, 10-99; Red, 100 or more.) Click the balloon icons to view the details of a particular project.

Learn how you can participate in the Service Directory.